RDA Happenings February 2017

RDA Happenings February 2017 Main Photo

28 Feb 2017

RDA Happenings


From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday, February 17th was the Job Fair for the unemployed Birch Communications workers and any other job seeker. Approximately 24 companies were at the job fair with 60 to 70 job seekers. There are job opportunities all through the Emporia region. We thank those employers, and job seekers who attended.


During February, the planning group Urban Collaborative, hosted several meetings to discuss the topics of land use, economic development, transportation, housing, infrastructure, and public facilities.

Over the past twenty four years, the RDA, in conjunction with Emporia Enterprises, which owns large industrial sites adjacent to the City of Emporia, in Lyon County, have developed 360 acres with new and expanding companies. Emporia Enterprises is the land development arm of our economic development goal for job creation and investment.

Industrial Park II, where Detroit Reman, Glendo, Emporia Kenworth, Kansa Technology, Cargill, and EVCO are located, 37 acres were developed and new buildings or expansions occurred. Park II is the area east of Overlander Road, south of Highway 50, west of Graphic Arts Road, and north of 6th Avenue.

The Park III area, which is located south of East South Avenue, north of East Logan Avenue, and west of Weaver Street. Three new developments occurred in the park, CAMSO, Simmons east & west, and the Lenze building, which is currently leased by CAMSO. Those three companies utilized 133 acres for their operations.

The East Park III area is east of Park III, generally between East South Avenue, west of Road M5, north of East Logan Avenue, and east of Weaver Street. The developments are Norfolk Iron & Metal, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and the stalled Renewable Energy Group project. All three of these developments either have rail spur access or could get rail service access.

In 2015, an 18-acre tract was purchased for the Detroit Reman warehouse.

In the current industrial and business park inventory, Emporia Enterprises has 210 acres available for development, or a 13-year supply. Of those 210 acres, we have one 100-acre site, one 45-acre site, two 22 to 26-acre sites, and several sites varying from 7.6 to 9 acres with no rail served sites. Emporia Enterprises Board of Directors works in collaboration with the RDA and its partners, the city, and county, identifying and acquiring sites for future development. It is an ongoing process that takes time, patience, and good timing.

Without Emporia Enterprises it would be extremely difficult for the RDA to accomplish its mission of working with existing and new businesses in creating new jobs and investment in Lyon County, and Emporia, Kansas.

Emporia Enterprises, which was originally organized in the early 1950’s as the Committee of 50, has been instrumental in acquiring real estate for development. Industrial Park I, which is located north of 12th Avenue, east of Graphic Arts Road, west of Industrial Road, and south of 18th Avenue.

Hostess Brands is located in Park I. It originally located in Park I in 1963, then closed in November 2012. A new investment group purchased the plant and reopened in April 2013, and the new Hostess Brands is better than ever.

With regard to the comprehensive plan, current land-use, future land-use, zoning for business and industrial parks, infrastructure planning for utilities, such as water, sanitary sewer, natural gas, fiber optic, electric, and street improvements are all necessary to have an adequate supply of sites for business expansions and job creation, for not only the next 20 or 30 years, but to plan for the next 50 to 100 years, adjacent to the City of Emporia and in Lyon County.