Site Selection Resources & Assistance

If you are a site selector searching for your next site, contact the Emporia RDA. President Chuck Scott will provide hands-on assistance, make site suggestions, and will work quickly to put a package together for your client. 

The below resources may also be of assistance.

2021 Unemployment by Month
2022 Major Employers and Manufacturers
2022 Top Ten Manufacturers
2022 Unemployment by Month
City Of Emporia Kansas Map
Community Profile 2022
Kansas Highway Map
Kansas Railroad Map
Lyon County Kansas Map
Population Chart 2020
Primary and Secondary Labor Force Mkt Area 2012 to 2021
Primary and Secondary Labor Market Area Map
Retail Pull Factor
Traffic Count Map For Emporia Kansas
Traffic Flow Map 2020
Traffic Flow Map For Kansas State Highway System
University Enrollment ESU 2021
University Enrollment FHTC 2022