Industries Are Growing Within the Emporia Region

Emporia’s competitive advantages are unmistakable. Our location is in between Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City, and we are on the main route from Dallas to Minnesota. From a location perspective, Emporia allows businesses to serve major metropolitan areas from one convenient hub. But that’s not all Emporia has to offer. A trained workforce is graduating from Flint Hills Technical College and Emporia State University. We have over 300 acres of shovel-ready sites, permits can be issued in weeks, and we offer financial incentives. For some of our fastest growing industries, like animal health products and value-added agriculture, we also offer immediate access to the raw materials they use to make finished products.

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dog eating dog food

Animal Health

The Emporia region is in the Animal Health Corridor, where over half of the worldwide animal health diagnostics and pet food is made. In the Emporia region, businesses have access to multiple interstates, raw materials, manufacturing talent, and shovel-ready sites. Local companies include Simmons Pet Food, Cargill, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

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Value-Added Agriculture

Hostess Brands makes their beloved Twinkies in Emporia. Other companies include the Bunge Corporation, Fanestil Meats, and Tyson Fresh Meats.

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bakery factory


Manufacturing companies like Better Life Technology, BPE, Inc., Michelin, Glendo LLC, & Hopkins Manufacturing are leveraging our manufacturing talent to grow!

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Warehouse & Distribution

EVCO Wholesale Food Corp, Holman Distribution Center, and Norfolk Iron & Metal are among the companies leveraging our direct interstate and highway access to distribute products.

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fiber optic cables


Manufacturers like Panasonic are expanding in East Central Kansas. Flint Hills Technical College and Emporia State University support additional growth.

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