Manufacturing Companies Are Choosing to Grow in Emporia

Manufacturing companies like Better Life Technology, BPE, Inc., Hostess, Michelin, Glendo LLC, & Hopkins Manufacturing are leveraging our manufacturing talent to grow. With Flint Hills Technical College providing industrial training on-campus and at local businesses, it’s easy to hire skilled workers and upskill existing ones.

bakery factoryThe Emporia Region offers other benefits to manufacturing companies as well. These include:

  • Over 300-acres of shovel-ready sites make it easy to grow a company in Emporia. There is room to scale, even if starting small.
  • Interstate access makes it easy to move raw materials and finished products throughout the country.
  • Incentives are available for manufacturing companies growing in Emporia. These incentives can help with real estate purchases and renovations, equipment purchases, and more.
  • Our quality of life is amazing so people want to live here. That makes it easy to find top talent.
  • Our cost of living is below the national average, making Emporia more affordable for businesses and their employees.

Contact the RDA for help with finding a manufacturing site and securing incentives.