Opportunity Starts in the Emporia Region: The Emporia RDA Can Help You to Access It

The Emporia RDA exists to “proactively promote economic growth of the East Central Kansas region through commercial and industry recruitment, expansion, and training enhancements.” To do so, we work with our partners to support existing businesses and attract new ones. We proactively consider what our businesses need and actively find solutions. This hands-on, service-forward approach enabled us to create over $1 billion in capital investments and 2,800 jobs since our founding.

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What Has the Emporia RDA Done?

The RDA is an active participant in the growth of the Emporia region. We don’t wait for good things to happen. We work with businesses and partners to make them happen. In practicality this means doing things like:

  • Helping businesses to attract and train workers
  • Developing property so that industrial space is ready for development when a company surveys the country for new building sites
  • Securing state and federal incentives to support the growth of our existing companies
  • Working on infrastructure projects
  • Proactively finding development partners for housing and commercial projects
  • Solving challenges our business or community members are facing

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About Emporia RDA

Our Goals

The RDA purpose is job creation, retention, expansion and recruitment of new primary businesses, new capital investment, and to create a pro-business climate. Our goals are to:

  • The creation of skilled jobs that benefit the community
  • Encourage the retention of existing employment within the region
  • Create new capital investment
  • Create an atmosphere that provides growth opportunities to industry

Our Services

  • Can provide you with objective, accurate, and comprehensive analysis of Emporia and Lyon County in order for you to make the informed decisions.
  • Can provide you with confidential access to local and state officials, utility providers, college and university representatives, local corporate executives, workforce and labor experts, and other resources.
  • Can provide you with comprehensive information or available sites and buildings, including site maps, aerial photos, utilities available and capacity, rail and highway information, and arrange visits to the potential buildings and sites.

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Emporia RDA History

In 1994, the Regional Development Association of East Central Kansas (Emporia RDA) was created to be the lead economic development organization for the City of Emporia, and Lyon County, Kansas. The RDA has a long history and reputation of working confidentially with existing, and new businesses with their business expansion plan. The Return on Investment (ROI) has been over 2,800 full-time jobs which represent over 15.3% of the total employment in Lyon County, Kansas, the construction of over 2.7 million sq. ft. in new buildings and a total capital investment in new buildings and equipment of over $1,145,607,547.

We work collaboratively with our various partners, Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention K& Visitors Bureau, Emporia Enterprises, our land management group, Emporia State University, Flint Hills Technical College, and Emporia Main Street.