The Emporia RDA Brings in Over $1 Billion in Investment

Hostess brand billboardWhen results matter, you can bank on the Emporia RDA doing an incredible job for our community. Since our founding, the RDA has brought in over $1 billion in capital investment for the region and assisted in the attraction of over 2,800 jobs. This level of growth doesn’t happen by accident. It takes forward-thinking, strategic planning, and a desire to provide businesses with the best possible customer service.

At the RDA we understand that our work is only possible thanks to the generous support of our investors, the community, and our partners. We are thankful to be in a position to lead the economic growth of the Emporia region.

2022 Accomplishments

  • $125 million in investment in 2022
  • $115 million for one company (Simmons Pet Food)
  • 200+ new jobs for the community (Simmons created 177)
  • 63 potential projects worth $1 billion

Capital investment and job creation impact our community in multiple ways. In addition to creating permanent primary jobs, construction jobs are created and local companies have opportunities to bid out for that work. Primary jobs (like manufacturing) also lead to more job creation in the service sector. For example, more restaurant workers are needed when manufacturing jobs are created because those workers spend money within the community on leisure activities. In other words - capital investment and job creation has the ability to create economic opportunities for everyone in the Emporia region, from entry-level workers to entrepreneurs.

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