Meet Us in the Middle: Emporium is the Perfect Location for Warehouse & Distribution Companies

parked semi-trailers outside warehouseEmporia is in the middle of Wichita, Kansas City, and Topeka. From a local perspective, this makes Emporia an ideal place to serve all of Kansas. For grocery and food distributors, retail warehouses, and anyone moving products to customers throughout the state, an Emporia location just makes sense.

We are also on the main route from Dallas to Minnesota. Emporia is at the intersection of two interstates I-35 (direct to KC) and I-335 (direct to Topeka). They connect in Emporia, making it fast and easy to get on the interstate and move products throughout the country.

EVCO Wholesale Food Corp, Holman Distribution Center, and Norfolk Iron & Metal are among the companies leveraging our direct interstate and highway access to distribute products. Move into one of our shovel-ready sites and you’ll be joining a solid group of companies in the best location in Kansas. Contact us for more information on available sites and incentives.