Emporia Has 300-Acres+ of Shovel-Ready Sites Between 3 Major Cities. Permits Issued in Under 60-days.

golden shovel, digger breaking ground, construction siteSite selectors - if speed-to-market is a top concern, come to Emporia, Kansas. We have over 300-acres of shovel-ready sites that can be built on quickly. All utilities are in place, including fiber (Emporia is a fully-fiber community), and we can issue permits in under 60-days so your client can start building and get operational quickly.

We also move fast on putting incentive packages together. The RDA has a history of bringing partners together quickly so businesses can make a quick, educated decision on where to locate. The Simmons Pet Food expansion is just one of our recent examples and we were able to put a package together of local and state incentives to support their expansion.

Over $1 billion in capital has been invested in Emporia since the RDA’s founding and 2022 was our best year yet. Our adult workforce, university, and technical college has supported this growth.

Bring your project to Emporia! Contact President, Chuck Scott, to discuss your project and how Emporia can meet your needs.