Developers Wanted in the Emporia Region

The Emporia region is growing. In the last year alone, over $125 million in capital investments were made and 200 new jobs created. There are almost 100 projects in our pipeline valued at over $1 billion. If even a fraction of these projects come in, there will be a significant need for housing and retail developers to do projects in Emporia.

We need housing today to support our community’s growth. What makes Emporia unique is that in addition to having growing companies, we are also home to Emporia State University and Flint Hills Technical College. Both attract professors and staff. Plus, students who come to Emporia for school will often stay and take jobs here - creating additional housing needs.

Architect and builder tools, specsThe RDA Will Help You Develop in the Emporia Region

We offer hands-on support to developers and will work with you to make it easy to find a property to develop, secure permits, and navigate the entire process. Developers are seeing the potential in Emporia and benefiting from our support and the community’s welcoming nature. Currently, we have:

  • $4 million housing development committed
  • $15 million senior housing commitment
  • $20 million downtown housing commitment

This is just a start. We need more housing, especially multi-family, and quality of life development in areas like childcare and healthcare. If you’re a developer who's tired of building in places with red tape, want to get your permits within 60-days, or are looking for hands-on help in finding a new property - contact the RDA. You can reach President Chuck Scott directly by calling (620) 343-8860 or emailing here.