Save Money by Moving to Emporia, Kansas

It costs less to live in the Emporia region than in most of the United States. According to BestPlaces, Emporia’s cost of living is just 73.7% of the national average. As a result, housing prices are lower than average and so are groceries. By simply moving to Emporia, you could spend less money on your family’s basic needs and more money having fun.

Woman adding cash to a piggy bankClick here to compare the cost of living where you currently are with the Emporia region.

Ways to Save in Emporia

  • Home prices cost around 40% of the national average. Buy here to reduce the cost of your mortgage.
  • Apartments cost as little as $475 per month. It’s more affordable to rent an entire apartment in Emporia than a room in California.
  • Emporia State University offers a flat-rate tuition for full-time students. This makes it more affordable to continue your education (or pay for your child to go to college).
  • Visit the David Traylor Zoo of Emporia for a Free family activity all year long.
  • Enjoy these Free things to do in Emporia.
  • Stop driving far for family outings, a dinner with your spouse, or evening out with friends. Everything you need is right here in Emporia and that can save you gas money!